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AirBnB’s Effect On The Cottage Rental Market In Wales

What Is AirBnB?

AirBnB is an online accommodation booking service. It first appeared over a decade ago. It connects hosts with guests and guests with hosts. It charges a small commission from each. AirBnB helps hosts and their properties connect with guests. This helps the hosts to build their businesses. AirBnB helps travellers to design their own trips. It gives them flexibility with their holiday plans. You could say that in its own way, AirBnB has made some innovations in the hospitality industry.

Tourism In Wales

The tourism industry in Wales is growing. Each year, it adds a significant amount to the local economy. It provides employment and creates income opportunities for local individuals and businesses. The tourism industry in Wales has increased in importance over the years.

Why Is The Tourism Industry Rising In Wales?

There could be several reasons for this. Over centuries, migrants from Wales have travelled to different parts of the world. Like all migrants, they searched for a more prosperous life. As man discovered new territories, many Welsh migrants moved out into the world. Today, there’s a sizeable number of descendants of those migrants. These descendents are curious about their place of origin. They’re keen to visit the home of their ancestors and connect with their roots. Also, Wales has plenty of beautiful scenery and natural parks. Wales also features many castles and places of historical interest. All this makes the land a magnet for tourists and travellers.

Where Does AirBnB Fit In?

Although a US-based company, AirBnB has an international presence. The AirBnB website features many accommodation choices, in almost every corner of Wales. There’s an amazing variety of places from which to choose. There’s also a variety of tariffs, to suit every pocket. Any traveller wishing to visit Wales is well served by the AirBnB website. It gives an excellent variety of choices.

The Unique Role of AirBnB

AirBnB isn’t only a holiday accommodation specialist. It connects travellers with a ‘homestay’ experience, if that’s what they want. This is a situation where a traveller can stay in a homely type of accommodation, like a cottage. The guest can enjoy the local culture and soak up the atmosphere. At the same time, the traveller still enjoys the privacy and comfort of being a guest. Booking a room with AirBnB isn’t for those looking for five star luxury. What the traveller gets is a high standard of accommodation. They also get an experience of the local culture and hospitality. This is what makes the AirBnB website such a popular site for those wishing to plan the perfect holiday.

Perfect For The Welsh Tourism Industry

Many hosts in Wales have become entrepreneurs. They've done this by connecting with the right kind of guests. Guests who appreciate what they have to offer. AirBnB’s selection of Welsh accommodation features some charming local rooms and cottages. This is what delights guests and enhances their Welsh experience. In this way, AirBnB has done a splendid job. It enables Welsh hosts to increase their customer reach. And it maximises the Welsh experience for guests. Guests who will, no doubt, be keen to return to this holiday destination.

Different Kinds Of Holidays

There are different kinds of travel experiences. And there are different kinds of accommodation, to match those experiences. What AirBnB is doing in the Welsh tourism industry is catering for a particular niche in tourism. Travellers, wishing to enjoy a Welsh homestay experience, love the AirBnB website. So do hosts, keen to connect with travellers hungry for the Welsh experience. It’s a win/win situation.
Things to do in and around Carmarthen

Things to do in Carmarthenshire

Things to do in and around Carmarthen, CarmarthenshireCarmarthen is a small town of Wales. Located in the county of Carmarthenshire, it has a population of roughly 14,000 inhabitants. It is a relatively small and rural region, indeed, but there are plenty of things to do in and around the area. Besides, this is the ideal place for people who want to go back in time, those who want to know what it felt like to live in the middle ages. In fact, the Game of Thrones’ writer George R. R. Martin has admitted that he was largely inspired by Wales to create the fictitious city of Dorne.

A history-rich townCarmarthen is rich in history, which makes it a great place for people who want to learn new things and stand in legendary places. With the number of castles present in the region, the latter has its fair share of historical facts that are only waiting to be discovered. For example, few people know that the last King of England to have died in battle was actually assassinated by the Mayor of the town at that time. In addition, the first cricket match to have ever been played reportedly took place in Carmarthen.

Kidwelly CastleThis is one of the most visited and appreciated spots in Carmarthen. The imposing grey castle is located in large green fields and one can’t help but imagine the knights guarding the place when taking a tour. Kidwelly Castle offers a unique experience in that it gives visitors a precise idea of how life was during medieval times. This is not free for all, however, as there is an entrance fee of £4 for adults and £2.60 for elderly persons and children under 16. Those under the age of 5 do not have to pay to enter. It is worth noting that the best time to visit the castle is in the morning when the mist adds some mystery to the landscape.

The Gwili RailwayThe Gwili Railway is a real time machine. Created in 1860, the track has been closed for 15 years before it was reopened in 1988 by The Preservation Society. Thanks to the latter, it is possible the take a trip on a preserved standard gauge railway line. Despite being only 4.5 miles long, the Gwili Railway surely offers an original and nostalgic way to travel between Bronwydd to Aberystwyth.

The Creepy Carmarthen TourThose who are looking for thrills should definitely give The Creepy Carmarthen Tour a try. It will also please people who want to discover the ‘dark’ side or hidden history of the town. It offers to visit sites where executions took place in ancient times in addition to participating in magical experiments. These involve weapons that have been used for murder as well as a witch trial and ghosts. It is arguably the most special excursion available in the area. As a matter of fact, it was the winner of the Visitor Experience of the Year at the Carmarthenshire Tourism Awards.

Nightlife at CarmarthenRest assured, though, as Carmarthen is not limited to castles and railways only. Actually, there are many things to do there, especially at night. For example, there is the Xcel Bowl, a bowling alley that is generally open until 10 pm, except on Sundays. Those who want something more modern might want to consider the Laser Station. It is a laser tag arena that can be accessed till up to 8 pm. After a session of either of those two or maybe even both, it is possible to relax at one of the bars available in Carmarthen. The Friends Arms and The Parrot are the two most appreciated pubs in the region.